Zenobia Wreck

It’s been a great month for scuba diving on the Zenobia Wreck Diving Cyprus. With thousands of Divers coming to Cyprus throughout the season MS Zenobia Wreck has thousands of dives.

The Zenobia Wreck is so popular that it is rated a top 4th dive site in the world!

Wreck Diving the Zenobia Wreck is available for divers diving to 18 m for recreational dives, technical diving twin-set diving, rebreather dives and deep diving to the maximum depth of the Zenobia Wreck 42 meters. You can dive the Zenobia Wreck Diving in Cyprus throughout the year with the water temperature ranges from coldest temperature 16 Celsius to 25 Celsius in the autumn.

When you first dive into the water above the Zenobia Wreck you will instantly notice how clear the water is from the surface to the Zenobia Wreck. It’s very easily visible to see here from the surface. Once you start your descent underwater to the Zenobia Wreck you will then aww in the shear size of the wreck. There is a large chain from a surface marker buoy down to the Zenobia Wreck. Many dives use this line to descend slowly to help equalise their ears safely. Other divers us the line to avoid vertigo on the wreck. The line leads down to the starboard side of the Zenobia Wreck, where you can knee and get your self ready for an amazing dive on the Zenobia Wreck.

After every dive from the Zenobia Wreck you must always make a safety stop to allow nitrogen gas to leave your body gradually. Most divers today use a dive computer to track their levels of nitrogen while other divers plan their dive times using a traditional dive decompression tables. Allowing nitrogen gas to come out gradually will avoid any decompression sickness caused by the gas. All trained Certified Divers have been trained in the correct use and procedures of dive tables and dive computers use. A simple 3-minute safety stop at 5 meters allows residual nitrogen to safely leave your body and avoid any such sickness if you have stayed within your planned limits.

The most popular wreck dive in Cyprus is the Zenobia Wreck. If you are a certified diver with a diving qualification you could have a chance to see this exciting wreck

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Our Zenobia Wreck Diving Cyprus instructors are specialty wreck trained, depending on your current level of diving experience we can show you almost every available location on the Zenobia Wreck. We will sure you can dive the best on the Zenobia Wreck, so you don’t miss out on the best dive spots in Cyprus.

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