Visual Plus 3 Testing in Cyprus

Visual Plus Eddy Current Testing for defects in aluminium cylinders

visual plus 3 eddy current testing in CyprusThis method of testing for cracks in and around the neck of aluminium cylinders has been endorsed by major cylinder manufacturers, including Luxfer and Catalina.

Hydrostatic testing alone does not reveal cracking in the neck/shoulder area of aluminium cylinders unless they are leaking. Visual Plus identifies 100% if there is a cracks in the treads.

SLC (Sustained Load Cracks)

Cylinder Crack growth is reported to be very slow by Luxfer, a major manufacturer of aluminium high-pressure cylinders. Cracks are reported to develop over periods in the order of 8 or more years before reaching a stage where the cylinder is likely to leak, which allows timely detection by properly trained inspectors using visual plus eddy-current crack-detection equipment.

SLC cracks have been detected in cylinders produced by several manufacturers, including Luxfer, Walter Kidde, and CIG gas cylinders.
Most of the cracking has been observed in the neck and shoulder areas of cylinders, though some cracks in the cylindrical part have also been reported.

Where to Go for a Visual Plus 3?

Easy Divers Cyprus uses Visual Plus 3 eddy current testing device because it’s the best inspection technology you can buy on the market today. Using computer technology its exclusive software and versatile calibration. The Visual Plus 3 will be the equipment of choice for inspecting aluminium form alloys for now and in the future.

visual plus 3 eddy current testing

Visual Plus 3 advanced the state of the art. This is the “smartest” eddy-current device available since it eliminates human error and clearly identifies all types of cylinder damage and defects.
More than an upgrade of existing technology, Visual Plus 3 offers all-new computerized features that make it the best tool for inspecting cylinders made from all types of aluminium alloys now in use, including popular 6061 alloys favoured by major global cylinder manufacturers.

Visual Plus 3 not only detects cracks… it identifies corrosion, gouges, pits, folds, valleys, tool stops and other types of indications and it shows you the differences among them on five different color-coded graphs, including both linear and three-dimensional views, on your computer screen.

During the period, there have been serious incidents both in the UK and internationally where cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloys HE30/AA6082 and AA6351 have failed catastrophically.

As a result of this, the HSE in conjunction with cylinder manufacturers and industry experts have investigated these failures and have issued a safety alert!

HSE Cylinder Warnings

Cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloys HE30/AA6082 and AA6351 and used primarily for gases for underwater breathing apparatus.

The information is relevant to anyone with old aluminium cylinders in use or in storage.

Which Cylinders are Effected?

Identifying cylinders manufactured from HE30/AA6082 and AA6351 aluminium alloys.

Cylinders stamped with any of the following markings are manufactured from HE30/AA6082 or AA6351:

P****X (as part of serial number)
P****P (as part of serial number)

Note: On some small cylinders manufactured at Luxfer’s Aldridge, England, plant, the above markings may not be present. In that case, the alloy can be determined from the three-digit type number stamped around the base. If the three-digit number is of the form 1**, 3** or 5**, then the alloy of manufacture is AA6351.

Visual Plus 3 Testing Cyprus

If you are worried that you may have on of these types of cylinders, Please bring them in for a checkup at easydiverscyprus. Our expert cylinder technician can test the cylinder and give you a detailed report.

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