First Time Scuba Diving

First Time Scuba Diving

first time scuba divingSo, you want to give Scuba Diving a try?

There is nothing more fun and enjoyable than having a holiday. Even though planning for a holiday vacation might be a little stressful sometimes, once you know what you would like to do and the place you are going the preparation process is much easier. Protaras in Cyprus is one of those places for first time scuba diving.

Maybe test the waters in Cyprus before taking the Padi Open Water Course Certification plunge. Then this is the perfect time for scuba diving introductory session that is just for you! You will need to be at least 10 years old to scuba dive. If you are at least 8 years you can make the Bubblemaker dive in the sea.

A qualified Padi Instructor will run you through all the basics theory and skills of Scuba Diving, taking you into the sea where you can experience scuba first-hand of what it is like breathing and move effortlessly underwater.

You will need to complete some paperwork and a medical questionnaire to ensure you are fit to scuba dive and participate. If you answer “No” to all the questions on the first page, then you are fine to participate in the padi discover scuba diving experience. We will take you to our local diving spot in protaras called Green Bay. Its a perfect place for all divers to enjoy their first time dive.

There are two daily scuba experience DSD Monday to Saturday.

We will collect you from your hotel at 8:45am and 12:45pm. session runs for two hours.

You just need to decide which first time scuba diving session time suits you best. Don’t forget to bring along a towel and some water to drink, scuba diving can be a thirsty experience….

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