Here’s why Scuba Diving is the Best Gift for Your Loved Ones.

The spark in their eyes when they first get the gift, the initial excitement and promises they will use it everyday/forever.

And after a while the same old story happens to another great present..

Our gifts  very often share the same sad fate. Either returned after few days, or gathering dust on the shelf.

It’s not easy to make perfect presents nowadays when we have it all.

Looking for the gift that will last? Wondering what to present to your loved ones to make the impression?

Look no further!

This gift will bring the smile on their faces long after it was received.

Here’s why scuba diving is the best gift you could ever give to your loved ones.

Experiences Are Way Better Than Items

You know well what happens with ‘items’. We are so excited when we get them and yet somehow, with few exceptions, they usually end up stacking our shelves.

Experiences are different. It is proven that experiences make people happy. Especially if they are something different from ordinary.

Don’t we all get excited about the mere idea of a trip to new place and seeing new things? Imagine that this trip is to completely different environment and everything will be new and thrilling.

best gift scuba diving

It’s potentially beginning of something great (a lifetime adventure)

A gift that never ends?

If your loved ones get hooked on scuba diving – and if they like water it’s guaranteed they will – you just presented them with the lifetime of fantastic adventures.

Any diver will tell you that after they started diving they life became more interesting, they met great people and they never lack ideas what to do with their holidays.

What better gift than learning something new?

Trying diving for the first time is thrilling not only because you enter new surrounding, but also because it’s learning experience. Maybe after your first dive you won’t be a certified diver yet, but you will definitely learn new interesting things.

And not just ‘some regular stuff’. You learn breathing underwater, handling yourself in completely different environment, you practice self control.

Those are some really ‘badass’ things, one can only benefit from.

Diving comes with many benefits you don’t initially realize

Even a single diving experience is usually beneficial, raising awareness about the sea, boosting self confidence and leaving unforgettable memories.

If your loved ones decide to continue diving adventures, there’s even more benefits to come.

Did you know that diving has positive impact on our health, helping to relieve stress, improving agility and concentration?

It certainly boosts self esteem and confidence, especially after successfully completing training or diving in new environment.

All the friendships and connections that most divers make cannot go unnoticed. Those are true gems in scuba divers life.

And there are many more benefits, but that’s perhaps a subject for the separate article.

Additional surprises

What if I told you that your gift may come another gift within it?

Not only there is excitement of breathing underwater for the first time and feeling weightless. Depending on location of the first dive, there is also a great chance of very special encounter.

In Cyprus in the bays where we dive all summer long we meet sea turtles. Those graceful creatures are so amazing to observe, it will surely be a highlight of this special day. The thrill of meeting wild animals in their own environment is hardly comparable to anything else.

So basically you may end up giving two gifts wrapped in one packaging.

best gift scuba diving

Would you like to scuba dive with turtles?

This gift they WILL remember

Do you remember what you got for your birthday 5 years ago? Or even last year? Funny T-Shirt, bottle of expensive drink or even album of your favourite band will not stick in memory as much as extraordinary underwater experience.

If you want to make a long lasting impression Gift of Scuba Diving is a way to go.

The smiling face of the first time diver after they come back to the surface says it all. They will remember this day!

After coming back home from my first diving adventures, I was dreaming of exploring oceans every single night for a long time. And many years ago I still smile when I think about this time.

You can enjoy it together

That’s really clever! What gift can be enjoyed by both the giver and receiver?

An adventure like scuba diving.

If you are already a diver and you just want your significant other to join you in your underwater explorations, there’s no better way to do it. This gift will be like invitation to join your world. Let them try and learn why you love it so much.

If you have never tried it before yourself  — well here’s your chance to experience something extraordinary with the person you care about. Trying something new and unusual together. That’s definitely a bonding experience.

best gift scuba diving

Which occasions are perfect to give the gift of scuba diving:

  • birthdays
  • engagement – I’ve witnessed when man popped a question under the water, it’s such emotional experience
  • anniversary – why not do something unusual together to break the routine?
  • holidays (Christmas, Easter) – such gift may be the trigger to start planning your summer vacations together

What do you think about the idea to take your friends or family diving on a special occasion? Have you tried diving before?

We are waiting for your comments!

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