First Time Scuba Diving – All You Need to Know About Your First Dive

– OMG I barely slept tonight — my first time diver confessed as I brought her strong coffee.

– Why, did something happen?

– I was so anxious before today. All those questions and scenarios in my head… I was wondering how it’s gonna be and will I be all right.

It’s understandable that you’re nervous before going first time scuba diving. New activity, new environment – it’s ok to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I don’t want you to suffer the sleepless night, like my diver, going through all possible scenarios in your head.

Don’t worry.

I got you!

Here’s all you need to know before your first dive experience.

Why is scuba diving fun?

Scuba diving is exceptional activity. It’s so much different from everything you may have done before.


Simply because you explore different environment — underwater kingdom, that isn’t normally accessible for just anyone.

Not only you get a chance to feel weightless — this alone is pretty awesome. Additionally you observe underwater ecosystem and sneak peek on busy life of it’s habitants. It’s not as easy to meet and watch wildlife on the surface as it is underwater.

No wonder so many people get hooked on scuba diving after their first dive.

We call it ‘love from the first breath’.

first time scuba diving

Is scuba diving dangerous?

In some aspects I like to compare diving to driving a car. You can do it safely and you can do it in a dangerous way.

It all depends on you and your approach.

Of course safe and cautious diving is our priority.

I wouldn’t say that scuba diving itself is dangerous. Instructors that take you diving for the first time are well trained and they do it almost every day. There are limits to how many first timers instructor can take. There are also depth limits that need to be closely observed.

Moreover the dive site for a first dive needs to be chosen wisely to provide easy and safe conditions.

In our case Green Bay is the perfect site for your first dive. Super easy access to the water and shallow protected bay within bay, that’s basically like a pool, make acclimatization easy and pleasurable.

To sum it up, if the conditions are adjusted to divers level and if the standards are observed scuba diving is not a dangerous activity.

Are there sharks? (or any other scary sea creatures)

My oh my! If only I had a penny every time I was asked about the sharks…

Jokes aside, it’s understandable that doing something for the first time we don’t know what to expect and the unknown triggers fear. Let’s address some misconceptions.

First of all, sharks are not at all as scary as Hollywood makes them. But that’s perhaps subject for another post. It’s not easy to meet them during dive, even in locations where they should live in abundance.

Secondly, there is nothing scary in waters of Cyprus that could harm you.

The only fish we should be aware of, and not only while scuba diving but also while swimming, is the lion fish. This beautiful and shy fish usually hides near rocks. Its pretty featherlike fins hide venomous spikes we should avoid at all cost. Fortunately this fish doesn’t seek humans company. It is rarely seen at Green Bay, where we take first timers, as this dive site is far too busy for her liking.

first time scuba diving

Please be careful about this venomous beauty.

Discover Scuba Diving or Dive Intro? – check what you sign up for

Not all first time scuba diving programs are the same.

Some dive shops offer very basic and short diving experience, where you don’t even learn anything before going into water. It is usually called something like Dive Intro or Trial Dive.

Why we do not recommend this type of program?

You will not learn anything, you will not have any control over what is happening to you and that may leave you feel helpless and scared.

Better choice

A proper discover scuba diving program, on the other hand, that offers detailed briefing with short dive theory and shallow water basic skill practice is much more beneficial. Not only will you learn something interesting, but during the dive itself you will be in control. Being instructor myself, I noticed when first time divers know what’s happening around them and have some independence it boosts self confidence and satisfaction from the dive.

Let’s check what should the proper program include.

How will my first time scuba diving experience look like?

Ok, so let’s get to it. How will it look like? Will they just give me some equipment and show me to the water ?

No, nothing like that. First you need some preparation and basic knowledge.

The introduction

At the beginning of the program your instructor will give you a short briefing. They will ask you about your overall health, to make sure you’re ok for scuba diving.

They will present you with basic concepts of diving —  noting overly complicated — no NASA level knowledge, just few rules and procedures to follow.

Listen carefully to this briefing as it will make yours are your instructors lives easier later on.

If something is not clear please do ask questions. It’s better to clarify things now, before proceeding to the water.

You will also try the equipment on, to make sure it’s the right fit for you. After that, your instructor will take you to the dive site.

The practice

Before the dive itself you will jump into your diving equipment and your instructor will help you familiarize yourself with its parts and functions.

Then in the shallow water you will practice breathing from scuba regulator and get used to the new environment.

You will also follow the instructor in practicing few simple underwater skills that are designed for your comfort and safety underwater.

first time scuba diving

The dive

That’s what we were waiting for. That’s where the fun starts.

Once you’re comfortably breathing underwater and you successfully performed the skills you are ready to explore the dive site. It will of course still be under close supervision of the instructor.

There are few things for you to remember:

  • never hold your breath underwater
  • breath slowly and calm
  • keep your scuba regulator in your mouth at all times
  • stay close to your instructor
  • don’t touch anything underwater

Duration of your first time scuba diving experience depends very much on you. The more relaxed you are and the calmer you breath the longer your dive will be.

What will I see underwater?

If you do your first time scuba diving experience with us, at Easy Divers, you will go to Green Bay which is one of the most popular dive sites in Protaras.

There’s plenty to see in Green Bay.

Various species of fish hang around ‘Fish Rock’ and don’t mind the company of divers at all.

If all goes well and you feel comfortable under the water your instructor may take you to see underwater statues: a horse, Neptune, Greek Soldiers, etc. That’s a really cool place.

In the summertime, presence of sea turtles is the biggest highlight of diving in Cyprus. It’s an amazing experience to observe them in their own environment.

first time scuba diving

Would you like to scuba dive with turtles?

If I like it, what’s next?

I hope your diving experience will provide you with unforgettable memories.

If you fall in love with the underwater world from your first breath, there is a whole lot of opportunities and discoveries in front of you. What you want to start with is Open Water Diver Course. That’s your first step in becoming a diver.

What’s so great about this sport is that you can shape your diving path however you like.

  • You’re interested in history? Become a wreck diver and explore sunken vessels or planes. Yes, there are wrecks of planes underwater.
  • If you like photography, like myself, you can take Underwater Photography Course and focus on capturing beauty of underwater kingdom.
  • And if all you want is some fun activity whenever you’re on holidays, that’s ok too.

My diver? She was of course all right – wide grin on her face after she took the mask off told me everything. She enjoyed herself immensely during the dive and none of her concerns proved to be valid.

I can only hope she would sleep much better has she read this post beforehand.

Did I get rid of your doubts about first time scuba diving? If there are any more questions or concerns please use the comment section below or pop us an email.

Have you tried diving before? Tell us about your experience.

We are waiting for your comments!

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