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Padi Instructor Course Cyprus, becoming a professional diver is a dream for many! Maybe you are sitting back home now, thinking about how you can live and work in tropical destinations all around the world? Easy Divers can help you make the move!!

It’s the next step after you have been an Instructor for some time.

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  • So, what does it takes to become a professional diver? First, you need to be dedicated to what you are about to become. A PADI dive professional is a service-minded and open-minded person who puts his/her student first.


  • The job is sometimes hard with long hours and problems that occurs. However, the reward is ten fold. The smile on your students face, when they finally succeed a skill, the experience when they understand the recreational dive planner or the enjoyment and pride giving your first student his/hers a PADI scuba diving certificate.

This is just the beginning? Did we forget to tell you that you can work all over the world either a dive resorts, dive centres or liveaboards. After becoming a PADI pro-diver the world is open to you and it is only you who set the limits how far you will go.

Ocean Pollution

ocean pollution - plastic pollution

Ocean Pollution: Plastic Pollution in the World’s Oceans

The United Nations Environment Programme – Or ‘UNEP’ as they are often known, is trying to urge people to eliminate microplastics from the world’s oceans, while also aiming to put an end to the excessive and wasteful use of single-use plastics such as bottles, plastic bags and much more. All of which can be extremely harmful to aquatic life, as well as the environment. Many people don’t know this, but around 80% of all litter within the world’s oceans is made up of plastic. Recent reports suggest that as much as 51 trillion microplastic (Yes, trillion) particles currently pollute our oceans – meaning there are around 400-500 times more microplastic particles in the oceans than there are stars in the Milky Way (Estimated at between 150-250 billion).

The oceans make up almost 70% of Earth’s surface, and despite this we’re still a LONG way from understanding our oceans, with 80% of all the world’s oceans, unmapped, unobserved and unexplored. Yet, as a species we’re already managing to destroy them.

Recently, a £20 million project has been launched, aiming to rid the ocean of plastic waste by using a 2,000ft long barrier (Nicknamed ‘Wilson’ or ‘System 001’) to herd the plastic and help remove it. The aim of this project currently is aimed at fighting The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is the largest accumulation of plastic within the world’s oceans and is roughly 3 times the size of France – Located between Hawaii and California. However, this project has recently hit a snag, with plastic actually exiting the system once it is collected, meaning the company have had to go back to the drawing board to create something new and eliminate this problem.

But why should we leave it to others to fix when many of us are just as (if not more) to blame than those currently working to clean it up. Well, we’re not suggesting you spend £20 million in order to try and make a difference (While that would of course help), but with some simple lifestyle changes you could make a bigger difference than you realise. Ditch plastic water bottles, in favour of BPA free, stainless steel drink bottles, such as these, stop using single-use plastic carrier bags, and just generally think about small ways you can make a difference by removing plastic from your life.

Check out this info graphic from Direct Packaging Solutions to see the extent of damage we’ve manage to cause to our oceans.

Guest Contribution, Ocean Pollution: Plastic Pollution in the World’s Oceans by Declan Darbyshire

Drone Footage

Drone Footage from Easy Divers in Cyprus. Drone video of  dive sites in cyprus.


Kids Diving Equipment

Kids Diving Equipment


Holiday Life is all about family. For scuba divers, there are few things more enjoyable than watching the blush of discovery light up the face of a son or daughter upon seeing their first sea lion, turtle, moray eel or starfish in their natural habitat. Easy Divers Cyprus caters for all shapes and sizes of people who would like to take their first dives underwater. Children are specially catered for with our small size range of kids diving equipment specifically for their size.

For kids to be able to fully enjoy these life-altering sea diving experiences, they must be properly kitted out with safe with dependable dive equipment and snorkel gear. This doesn’t mean simply strapping them into an extra-small adult BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), or padding the foot pocket of a full-sized diving fins to accommodate their tiny feet. On the contrary, to be completely comfortable, safe and happy in the water, kids need gear that’s been built specifically for them, gear they can truly call their own.

SCUBAPRO Diving Equipment offers a complete line of snorkeling and diving equipment for adults and kids diving equipment. This scuba gear is made from the best quality materials and produced according to all legal european and local requirements. But most importantly, this gear has been specially designed to address the unique fit and performance needs of children.

At Easy Divers Cyprus wh a a full range of snorkelling and diving equipment specifically for children. Our equipment like scuba diving regulators feature smaller mouthpieces and shorter hoses as well as compact first stage regulators and lightweight second stages. BCDs offer a wide range of adjustment that can expand as the child grows, plus the inflator hose is shorter and there’s the option of adding an integrated weight system.

Kids wetsuits are built with X-Foam neoprene, which is low in harmful materials yet soft and pliable so they are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Wetsuits also come in child-oriented sizes.

SCUBAPRO Masks and Fins are all made to high quality standards. It’s all designed to allow children to be safe and comfortable in the water so they can focus on having fun.

We will make sure when you visit Easy Divers Scuba Diving Shop in Protaras, that you are shown only the best snorkeling gear and scuba diving equipment that is available on the market.

Easy Divers Cyprus can learn you more about equipment with the PADI Touch. Learn from your phone or tablet, Padi eLearning.

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