Turtles in Cyprus

sea turtles in Cyprus

Padi Professional Diver

Go Pro, Live the Dream!

Padi Instructor Course Cyprus, becoming a professional diver is a dream for many! Maybe you are sitting back home now, thinking about how you can live and work in tropical destinations all around the world? Easy Divers can help you make the move!!

It’s the next step after you have been an Instructor for some time.

PADI Instructors

Studying For Your PADI Instructor Course

Start your training with Easy Divers Padi Diving Centre and take the plunge into a new career.

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  • So, what does it takes to become a professional diver? First, you need to be dedicated to what you are about to become. A PADI dive professional is a service-minded and open-minded person who puts his/her student first.


  • The job is sometimes hard with long hours and problems that occurs. However, the reward is ten fold. The smile on your students face, when they finally succeed a skill, the experience when they understand the recreational dive planner or the enjoyment and pride giving your first student his/hers a PADI scuba diving certificate.

This is just the beginning? Did we forget to tell you that you can work all over the world either a dive resorts, dive centres or liveaboards. After becoming a PADI pro-diver the world is open to you and it is only you who set the limits how far you will go.