Cyprus Beaches Consistently Ranked European Best of the Best by Tripadvisor

No matter what beach experience you’re looking for Cyprus have something for everybody. Busy Nissi Beach with bars and numerous attractions, picturesque Konnos Bay or small laid-back places, that mostly local people know about. It’s all here for you!

One of the most popular on the island are beaches in center of Protaras and Ayia Napa – biggest resorts in eastern part of Cyprus.

Fig Tree Bay (Protaras) and Nissi Beach (Ayia Napa) are both great choices for holiday makers. No surprise they were ranked in top 25 European Beaches by Tripadvisor’s Travellers Choice.

Nissi Beach

The highlight of party capital Ayia Napa – Nissi Beach inherited it’s vibe from the resort. Busy, modern and trendy it’s definitely one of the most popular beaches on the island. Favoured by young outgoing people who like their Instagram photos taken in popular locations.

People like it for

  • crystal clear water
  • small island easily available from the land
  • party vibe
  • you can go far into the water and it’s still shallow
  • easy access from surrounding resorts

Others complain about

  • crowds
  • noise
  • high prices

I guess old saying one man’s meat is another’s poison is very accurate here.

best beaches Cyprus - Nissi Beach

Don’t expect to see Nissi Beach this empty often!

Fig Tree Bay

Family friendly Fig Tree Bay is considered one of the most scenic of Cyprus beaches. Conveniently located in the center of resort, near the beginning of long promenade connecting Protaras and Pernera.

Proximity of restaurants, tavernas, shops, bars and water sports is undoubtedly great advantage of this beach. So is, for some people, laid back and calmer atmosphere.

People like it for

  • crystal clear water
  • again – small island easily available from the land
  • family friendly atmosphere
  • shallow water
  • location close to the main strip of Protaras
  • availability of amenities

Others complain about

  • crowds in high season (sorry, that’s just high season..)
best beaches Cyprus - Fig Tree Bay

View towards Fig Tree Bay in winter time – in summer water is super flat

Ok, so those two are Tripadvisor’s travellers favourite, but what about other beaches? That’s definitely not the end of must-visit for holiday makers.


let’s see what’s so great about best beaches Cyprus offers


Some people do not believe this water colour is real!

I, myself didn’t realize that there are so many shades of blue and turquoise until I came to Cyprus (and believe me, I’ve seen my share of seascapes before).

This turquoise simply invites you to jump in and explore what’s underneath the surface!

best place to learn scuba diving

Turqoise water in DaCosta Bay.


Most beaches in east coast of Cyprus are sandy, although there are few cute bays with rocky entrance to the water. Obviously most tourist prefer sand. Nothing like a feeling of hot, soft sand under your toes.

Most places are decently clean, with a fine light sand. Beaches with nice, sandy entrance to the water:

  • Konnos Bay
  • Malama Beach
  • Fireman’s Beach
  • beaches along Protaras coast
  • Makronissos Beach in Ayia Napa


Ok, so Spain and Italy also has beautiful sandy beaches, BUT.. what about water temperature? Cyprus is the winner here! Warmest water temperatures amongst all Eauropean vacation resorts is definitely something to boast about.

From June water temperature gets to pleasant 25°C – the summer is officially here. In the sizzling heat of August the water reaches 30°C – barely managing to provide relief from the air temperatures exceeding 40°C.

Nicely warm water lasts till about October, so you can easily say that almost half of the year Cyprus has super warm sea water.


Yes, you can find those amazing creatures in summertime swimming around almost every bay. Most of the time they are spending on shallow waters, eating sea grass off the sandy bottom. Every now and then turtles come to the surface to take a breath.

If you have scuba mask or swimming goggles you can observe them, and they will not be bothered by your presence. Please do not try to touch them or come too close. You don’t want to upset those beautiful animals, and they will run away from you quite fast anyway.

If you want to see turtles up close and spend some quality time in their presence go scuba diving in Green Bay.

best place to learn scuba diving

Would you like to scuba dive with turtles?


Most popular beaches in Cyprus provide all necessary amenities. Even small, less frequented places have better and better access to at least toilets and showers.

Other equally amazing best beaches Cyprus offers

Konnos Bay

A true gem in the east coast of Cyprus Konnos Bay is my personal favourite amongst popular beaches. Yes, it can be crowded in high season, but oh.. the views!

Located in between Protaras resort and Cape GreckoNational Park this beautiful bay can be easily reached by car or a bus.

Konnos Bay, Cape Greco

Bird’s-eye view at Konnos Bay

The mere walk down to the beach is worth the effort of getting to Konnos Bay. Strolling down between smelling amazingly pine trees you can catch a glimpse of the turquoise water and white sand.

There is a small bar with basic foods and drinks on the right side of the bay, also on the right by the water you can find watersports center.

My favourite activity is taking a kayak and watching Konnos Bay from the sea.

best beaches Cyprus - Konnos Bay

View from taverna at Konnos Bay.

Do you already have your favourite beach in Cyprus? Let us know what it is.

We are waiting for your comments!

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